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Lydia ‘I don’t care if you are a 1,000 year old demon or a Berserker I will find a way to help save my friends’ Martin.

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knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit

wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad 

That was deep

philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie

That was deeper.

common sense is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie you nasty

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i cant believe that bacteria would just intrude into my body without my permission. that makes me sick.. 

It does make you sick. Literally.

wow ha ha ur right i shouldve made this into a joke!!

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como diz minha mãe: não

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Manhattan at 6 a.m.

but just click on the picture 


Manhattan at 6 a.m.

but just click on the picture 

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He was kind of a nerd before he became Spider-Man, but he was a smart nerd.” - Stan Lee on Peter Parker

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